BIM Vs VDC: Similarities and Differences

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 In the current generation of technological development across all industries, and specifically in AEC Industry, two of the terms you will come across while talking about construction are BIM Vs VDC. 

They’ve become an advanced industry norm and standard. Nevertheless, there is some misinterpretation between these two notions that we will try to explain in today’s post. 

So, if you are looking to comprehend both clearly, this article is for you. 

Firstly we will give their definition separately to comprehend each concept on its own altogether. And then, we will deliver a straightforward study and analysis of their principal differences and similarities.

BIM Vs VDC: What’s BIM First?

BIM stands for building information modeling. And this Concept came to optimize and enhance the classic work process in the AEC Field which is CAD.

BIM directs to a highly precise, digital representation of the physical aspects of a building project.

Commonly, BIM is used to comprehend the current dimensions of an existing building. Also to analyze the design intent on something that is not already built.

BIM is utilized to help in planning and coordination, leading to more significant construction efficiencies including decreased rework, quieter materials and labor expenses, advanced clash avoidance, and detection. 

BIM Vs VDC: Similarities and Differences

A BIM model can go far beyond just dimensional markers and include BIM up to 8D BIM dimensions( Time, Cost, Suistainablilty..).

BIM Vs VDC: Similarities and Differences

A further advantage of BIM is to create a 3D model that permits users to design in a virtual world. Which sufficiently understand connections between spaces, materials, and various systems within a project.

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The models have formed Smart BIM objects and elements thanks to their ability to store data in their proprieties. So when BIM elements are modified, the whole BIM model is updated. Then it reflects these changes, ensuring that all partakers concerned in the project can have access to up-to-date data in a collaborative environment. 

Every characteristic of the project can be connected to related, harmonious, and centralized data. Allowing to decrease the risk of data loss and enhance overall project efficiency.

BIM Vs VDC: Similarities and Differences

BIM Technology

Though the 3D model is believed as the basis, BIM is more about a method and process than a product or a tool. Affirmative, it uses BIM software to create a 3D model, but BIM is largely defined as a tricky, multi-phased approach. Because BIM collects information from different stakeholders to model the elements and tools that will be used during the construction process. 

The BIM methodology allows document management, BIM Coordination, and 4D and 5D Simulation. during the whole lifecycle of a building project, from planning to construction and maintenance.

What is VDC?

Virtual design and construction, and not as most people believe, is not a different part from BIM. But is the larger overarching approach and methodology that can use BIM to design construction. VDC is a general process of using computer technology to make construction operation more efficient. Whereas BIM is one of the means that can be used in the VDC process. Simply put, VDC enhances coordination between all users to digitize the building asset for future renovation, maintenance, and operation.  

VDC allows construction companies to use highly-precise computer 3D models, commonly developed using BIM, to form a digital twin in advance and confirm with the building process. It also authorizes contractors to more accurately calculate the QTO and Cost Estimations Schedules associated with completing a project. Also, it facilitates augmented communication and collaboration that helps avoid costly rework which generally accounts for greater than 10% of construction costs.

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BIM Vs VDC: Similarities and Differences

However, VDC does not always have to apply BIM. It can take other components of a VDC process like prefabrication, planning, and building documentation to enhance inefficient classic methods. It is a parent methodology that merges codes of BIM for more satisfactory information sharing, collaboration, and communication. 

BIM Vs VDC: Similarities and Differences

BIM Vs VDC for construction, share their focus on collaboration and clever communication. Even though VDC is a more overall concept that adopts BIM as a framework or a way of work and an adored part of its process, they are separated from each other. VDC does not always apply BIM, and BIM can be applied without being regarded as part of VDC. BIM is more detailed, but both make work methods to achieve a business goal successfully.

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