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Revit Plugins That All BIM Coordinators and BIM Managers Should Install

Revit and its Plugins are the First needed software that comes to your mind when talking about the BIM Coordinator and BIM Manager Job Roles, where a big part of their job is to set up systems to automate repetitive and boring tasks and develop strategies and processes to optimize the BIM implementation in their company.

Revit Plugins That All BIM Coordinators and BIM Mangers Should Install

There are countless Revit plugins out there. And in this article, we are going to bring you the most useful ones. So if you want to step up your Revit challenges to become a BIM expert, this is the article that will help you.

Lumion® LiveSync® for Autodesk® Revit®

The free Lumion LiveSync plugin allows you to set up a simultaneous, real-time link between your 3D model in Revit and Lumion.


It allows you to make some changes in the 3D model in Revit to test a modified design, and you’ll instantly see the model updated in Lumion so you can view it with accurate shadows and lighting, surrounding contexts such as urban neighborhoods or rural settings, and beautiful, realistic materials and characters that give the Model more of realistic features.

Lumion LiveSync for Revit includes:

  • Realtime model synchronization between Revit and Lumion
  • Camera synchronization between Revit and Lumion
  • Add and save Lumion’s beautiful materials to your LiveSync project
  • Real-time materials synchronization and visualization
  • Automatic model importing into Lumion (no need to separately import a model)
  • Export to Collada (*.dae) files format

COINS Auto-Section Box : Revit Plugins

The COINS Auto-Section Box plug-in tool provides you enormous speed and agility over managing 3-dimensional views when analyzing model areas of appropriate interest. It enables you to quickly generate permanent and temporary views to be used for direct examination of the model or construction document deliverables. This goes by enabling you to focus on the model rather than managing views or a view’s properties.

Revit Plugins That All BIM Coordinators and BIM Mangers Should Install

Although Autodesk® Revit® has built-in support for creating section boxes from elements, the COINS Auto-Section Box develops on this with the following time-saving features:

  • Works with elements in linked files.
  • Specific handling of grids, section lines, elevation markers, levels, scope boxes, dimensions, and tags.
  • Possibility to create new views.
  • Toggle the section box on and off to obtain a larger understanding of the selection within the context of the full model.
  • Possibility to adjust the original selection view and the 3d view side-by-side.
  • Align section box to walls or other line-based geometry.
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CADtoEarth™ for Autodesk® Revit®

CADtoEarth™ for Autodesk® Revit® is a technology explanation of linking Autodesk® Revit® with Cesium®, a geospatial three-dimensional mapping and connecting platform for creating virtual globes.

Revit Plugins That All BIM Coordinators and BIM Mangers Should Install

CADtoEarth allows users to:

  • Upload a model directly from a modeling session into Cesium.
  • Import a section of the Earth’s surface immediately from Cesium into a modeling session.
  • Locate a 3D model on the imported surface within a modeling session and consequently upload it back to Cesium.
  • Execute the same actions on 2D objects in a modeling environment and Cesium.

Align : Revit Plugins

The Align tool enables you to align, organize and distribute selected elements, annotations, tags and text along the axis that the user specifies. Besides, the Arrange feature will automatically easily place your tags around the current view that you are working on.

The Align plug-in for Autodesk® Revit® can assist to save time while creating complex designs and drawings with large sets of annotation.
Just choose a few elements and the Align tool will order them for you.

Model Checker by Autodesk : Revit Plugins

While the user interface of this plugin is quite complicated, it is a very useful tool to verify the health of your model in Revit. After running the plugin, you will receive a “good practices” report. You can get the full list of families, the number of groups, imported CAD files, and many more.

Revit Plugins That All BIM Coordinators and BIM Mangers Should Install
and after creating your model in Revit and running the plugin, it will give you a percentage of the health of the model that will help you in the future to measure and optimize your authoring tasks on Revit.

ParaManager by DiRoots

While using Autodesk Revit, there is no way to quickly add multiple shared parameters to a project or to a family. You have to add them one by one manually. The free DiRoots plugin called ParaManager enables you to automate boring parameters tasks.

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Revit Plugins That All BIM Coordinators and BIM Mangers Should Install

Like for example, you want to load a shared parameters text file in the plugin. Then, you need to select the parameters together and assign them to the right category.
Once the parameters are imported, you’ll get the possibility to set the type of parameter and categories to be assigned. Countless hours of boring work are saved.

FamilyReviser by DiRoots

Family Reviser tool can be used to detect & replace text in a project. An important use of this tool is to modify the prefix of families and types.

Revit Plugins That All BIM Coordinators and BIM Mangers Should Install
Like for example, we can detect all families and replace their suffixes with our project code according to our naming convention. And this method can be done for both loadable and system families.


Dynamo is a visual Programmation plugin with infinite possibilities that help you automate repetitive tasks to save time.

Revit Plugins That All BIM Coordinators and BIM Mangers Should Install
It is an essential part of every BIM Manager, Coordinator, and Developer. Even if you don’t program the script yourself, you need at least to know how to run them.
I hope that you found this article useful and helpful in your research, if so, Share it with others and help our AEC Community! And if you have feedback and reviews about this Post please comment below or contact us, you’re welcome.

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